Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last night we decided to throw good judgement to the wind and go on *gasp* a fun outing on a school night! That is the beauty of FHE, right? You can do fun things on Monday because it is a commandment!

We went to Cornbelly's corn maze (and other associated activities) with some other couples in our ward and it was way fun. I had always seen ads for Cornbelly's and thought 1) what a singularly creepy name it was and 2) how sad it would be if I left Utah and had NEVER been to a corn maze. So I am glad that we were able to fulfill that dream.

We got there and discovered that the place was overrun with people but surprisingly it didn't really affect the fun and we still got plenty lost in the corn. There was also a bunch of other activities like peddle bike thingies, a tractor pull thing, duck racing, obstacle courses (actually those were for small children but we obviously still did them and I think they might have been Dave's favorite part.), "jumping pillows" , and some haunted things that we didn't go to. Annndddd there were plenty of opportunities for cheesy pics, aka what we do best, so here you are:

Hog Wild!

Slightly painful horsey swings


Dave was so sad that this is the best picture I could get of him on the reclining bike things. He was cruising way faster than the other small child in the course.

Just hanging out in our giant rocker!

Mike and Rachel

Jordan and Kim are rule breakers apparently


Dave really wanted a jumping picture and this was the best thing we got :( And that kid in the background was in every single picture that all of us took at the victory bridge until Kim asked him to move. I admire her guts, I just thought you had to live with photo bombers.

Frolicking in the corn. I look a little out of it but I promise I was just high on good clean Cornbelly's fun!

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