Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big News

Ok, this is kind of a crying wolf title because it isn't really that great of news and someday when I do have news you won't believe me. Oops. But that aside, these three things mean a lot to me:

1. I made a new page (at the top) where I can track my miles. Eventually it will be high-tech but for now it is a link. I am really excited to have a quick way to track my workouts (ok, I am sure my iphone has an app for that but all I use is Scramble on that thing) because before that it was just a poorly-designed chart on my fridge.

2. I looked under the "stats" tab on here at some searches that pulled up my blog and my favorites were "sweaty gym" and "how to get ready for work in 30 minutes". Both make perfect sense if you know me and I am a little bit proud that I have talked about sweat enough to come up in a Google search. Also, I feel bad that people looking for advice for getting ready quickly are just coming here to hear my pointless confessions and see pictures of limp, wet hair and the occasional deodorant or toothpaste stain. Because that is how I get ready in 30 minutes.

3. I recently clicked the "monetize" button on here and adds popped up in between my posts. I think I will take them off because I have thus far seen no money magically appear in my bank account, and this happened today:

What? I mean, "sweaty gym" was one thing but what the heck about my blog would make Blogger think that Braveheart up there would fit in with my (tiny) readership? I would have clicked the video link but I got scared. I am now going to reflect deeply on why depressed Rambo up there showed up and not a picture of some craft or lovely baked good. Mormon Mommy Blogger fail.


  1. Maybe the advertisers think you are a ripped sweaty guy... or they are just trying to add a little sex appeal to your blog. Either way... no magical money? I was going to ask you how the advertising was paying out, thanks for reading my mind.

    Well... if you are curious what your blog advertises in Taiwan so far I have seen a lot of vitamin supplements and strange foods. At least I think. Since I can't read them. Wait-- I can! Translation on the below ad: "good good research something something father". Boo yah-- my $700 class is paying off.

  2. Ahahahah Tori you crack me up. I bet they just wanted to add sex appeal....the blog could use a little of that.

    I love your cultural observations, P.S.

  3. Woah--someone reads my blog. Whoot whoot. Comment please! Blogger world is depressing without comments.