Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ugh....Long Overdue Baby Update!!!

When I got pregnant, I thought it would magically turn me into a picture taking, journaling, great-at-documenting-every-little-thing kind of person. But alas, there have been no cute, Pinteresty-like pictures with fruit or in front of chalkboard and heck to the no have there been any black and white bare belly pics on a sumptuous-looking down comforter.

 I tried taking belly pics right from the get-go, but I didn't really look pregnant, I just felt chubby (which made me less motivated to take more) and then no one tells you how awkward it is to just stand sideways and have someone take a picture of just you! For those of you who have yet to do it, it's really super uncomfortable, even for a camera lover like me!

And with the blogging. Ugh. I really have no excuse for that one. But I really want to have some small semblance of a record of my pregnancy, so I am just going to start from where I am, which is awesomely quite further along than the last time I blogged! So here we go:

How far along? 31 weeks tomorrow

How big is baby? The size of head of lettuce, and somewhere around 3.5 pounds I think...

Total weight gain/loss: Uhhhh, at 31 weeks pregnant I have gained weight. Let's leave it at that. (But for prideful purposes I mention that for the last few weeks I have hovered just right under Dave's weight. Little babe is trying to help a mama out I think.) I joke, honestly I am grateful I have been growing because that means the baby is thriving!

Maternity clothes? Oh for sure. I don't understand how people can wear their normal clothes the entire pregnancy, mine would not even begin to suffice. I am SO SICK of the stuff that fits me now, though! My awesome friend Kait lent me some of her maternity clothes to add to my little selection which has been a lifesaver!

Sleep: Not great....I usually take a nap to supplement my so-so night's sleep. I LOVE waking up to the baby kicking though. That doesn't bother me at all :)

Best moment this week: The little one woke me up around five in the morning on Tuesday morning and my stomach looked like it was made from Silly Putty it was being shoved around so much! I just started laughing out loud because she was going so crazy! 

Movement: Yes. Lots. Sometimes it makes me a little queasy honestly because it feels like a spastic alien is trying to get out.

Food cravings: Not really. This has actually been disappointing to both Dave and me because it's like the "fun" part of pregnancy. But if something does sound good you can bet I'm getting it :)

Food Aversions: Not anything consistently. Unfortunately it will just kind of be the whole "nothing sounds good, I am hungry but can't think of anything I want," etc.

Gender: GIRL! Finding that out was really fun. I will do a post about that too.

Labor Signs: I had a few weeks around like 21-23 weeks where I was feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks which freaked me out since it was kind of early for those. I took a week off of exercise and they just kind of stopped. I get one a week maybe now? But no actual labor-like contractions yet (which I am fine with!). 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Lately the new, shiny symptom is rib cage pain. There's not too much I can do for it except I heat up this rice bag thingy my mom made me (thanks Mom!) and laying on that helps. But it makes car trips very unpleasant! But again, I am thankful the baby is getting bigger and that is why she is pushing everything up into my "poor broken floaters" as Dave calls them, haha. 

Belly Button in or out? Poking out, bleh. Duck Tape couldn't cover that thing at this point.

What I miss: Running and being able to bend over easily. Dave said he will miss when I am not pregnant anymore and he can't tell where I am in the house based on the little involuntary grunts I give every time I get up or bend over. I reminded him that this is just one of many blissful pregnancies he gets to go through with me :) I also miss eating raw cookie dough, embarrassingly enough.

What I am looking forward to: Getting our car seat and stroller in the mail and setting those up. They should come next week. 

Milestones: Passing my gestational diabetes test (thank you Pancreas!) and hitting the 7-month mark was fun. On Saturday it is officially only two months until my due date! Oh and we started our prenatal classes which made this all feel very real, too.

Bump Picture: 

What I look like now, at almost 31 weeks

Back at 24 weeks

Back when I thought I look really pregnant (ha!) at twenty weeks. The awkwardness of this picture is why I only will do selfies now.

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