Thursday, April 4, 2013

Returning to the blogging world.....with a baby update!

I have been such a loser about blogging! It has kind of become overwhelming, because I feel like there is soooo much to catch up on. BUT since we are having a BABY in September, I decided to get back to journaling. I really want to have a record of this little period of our lives, and there are certainly a lot of changes going on in our lives that are worth remembering!

This post is sort of boring; it's mostly just for me to remember this time. I promise to blog about more random and entertaining topics in the future!

We found out I was pregnant on January 26th. At the time I was about five weeks along. We were both very surprised and excited to hear the news. Well, scratch that, I was excited, Dave seemed to be in a state of shock for a while (happy shock I think). Later on, he confessed that he sort of didn't believe it. I understand that, because I could feel that I was pregnant (or that I had a severe case of mono and a tropical parasite of some sort taking over my life), but didn't look it yet, and since we hadn't been to the doctor I think he was apprehensive about getting too excited. 

However, when we went to the doctor and heard the little heartbeat, it was kind of like a switch flipped with Dave. He has been SUPER excited ever since. We had an early ultrasound because I am participating in a medical study for new moms, so it was also really fun to get some early pics of the little bean, which made it a lot more real. 

At about eleven weeks, he/she is a little bigger now

Once eight weeks hit, so did lovely nausea! Thankfully I was able to keep food down, but not much sounded good, and I needed to snack constantly to keep from feeling yucky. So I counted on a few standby foods that usually sounded edible:

Weirdly, I craved pop when I was feeling nauseous, and I don't really drink a lot of pop usually. I at least tried to drink pop with no caffeine or sugar (just lots of wonderful artificial sweeteners and additives...yay! :) Bagels, protein bars, and dried fruits were usually things I liked to snack on during the day while I was teaching. There was also a lot of pizza consumed but I don't have pictures of that.....shameful foods best left undocumented! Unfortunately vegetables sort of went by the wayside and haven't returned since. I LOVE green smoothies, though, and so I have been trying to make those often so I can at least get some greens in. On Easter I tried eating some salad and gagged on it hardcore. Dave just patted my hand and said "just keep taking your vitamins..." It is hard not to feel guilty for having a less-than-perfect diet, but I just keep telling myself that the baby's nutritional needs are small at this point, and I really am doing my best.

I have seen these questionnaires on blogs, and I thought it would be fun to do one every few weeks to keep track of everything. I am so thankful to be out of the first trimester: suffice it to say, the only documentation that stage needed was extreme fatigue, nausea, and a general aversion to acting like a productive and social human being.

The following questions are as of today:

How far along? 15 weeks and 2 days 

How big is baby? My baby app says the size of an avocado.

Total weight gain/loss: suffice it to say I have gained! Not a huge amount yet but definitely some poundage.

Maternity clothes? Not yet. I have bought a few things, but I am trying to wear my old clothes for as long as possible! I have employed the rubber-band trick on the pants button and I have used the Be Band I bought once (it's a stretchy thing that goes over your pants so they can be unbuttoned. Very classy :)  

Sleep: Not great, but not terrible! I just wake up a lot to use the bathroom, and sometimes wake up feeling nauseous, or coughing up acid. Again, lovely :) 

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat at our doctor's appointment this week!

Movement: Not yet! Hopefully in the next few weeks.

Food cravings: This week, I have kind of been liking sweets more than I did before. So I don't know if that is good that I am returning to normal, or bad....

Food Aversions: just veggies still :(

Gender: We find out in two weeks! But I am betting it is a boy, and Dave is betting that it is a girl.

Labor Signs: Uh, thankfully no!

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Still really tired, and the occasional bout of nausea. But the most annoying by far is almost daily headaches! And heartburn. I could go on.....

Belly Button in or out? In (please let this stay this way)

What I miss: Just energy, and motivation. I feel like I rely on Dave a lot more than before. But every discomfort is worth it!

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender!!! 

Milestones: Starting to actually look pregnant. I catch people staring at me and I think they are trying to decide. Also, telling my students was tons of fun! I will have to do a whole post on that one.

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  1. You're so cute! SO happy for you! :)

  2. Loved this post! And your such a cute prego girl! Can't wait to hear how your students responded! When I was prego with my first I was student teaching and everyday all the kids would obviously try and figure out if I was gaining weight or if I actually was preggers. It was comical. Anyway congrats!