Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dave Got a Grievous Injury

Ok, maybe not really that grievous. But doesn't he just look so sad? (Don't mind the mangy sideburns. I need to give him a trim. Yikes).

Yesterday when Dave was picking me up from work he asked me if I noticed anything different on his face and of course I noticed this little cut thing on his chin (it looks a little worse in person) that was kind of scary and open-looking. Apparently he had a collision with a pedestrian on his bike while he was riding down the ramp South of campus yesterday. He said if he had a video tape of his he could have proven that it was the other kids fault, and although I believe him even without the video, I wish I had it so that I could understand how he:

1. Ended up off of his bike but landed on his feet.
2. Had the other kid end up holding his bike while he was not even touching it
3. Cut his face (he thinks it might have been the other kid's backpack or something)
4. And, my favorite, how he lost one shoe in the process (ha!)

This incident just feeds my ever-burning argument that hordes of careless pedestrians, clueless bikers (not Dave though :), and horrendous drivers can not live harmoniously in the small microcosm of BYU campus.

Speaking of horrendous driving, I have actually not legally changed my name to Mizukawa yet partially because I would have to get a Utah driver's license since I am not going back to AK anytime soon, and I will do anything to avoid being a Utah driver just yet....because then at all times I would have to be either a) texting while driving, b) veering drunkenly while driving, c) running red lights, d) honking for no apparent reason, or e) flipping people off (which happened to my sister-in-law when she didn't move the second the light turned green. By another girl! I didn't think girls flipped people off). To all of you from Utah, I love and admire you and you probably do not fall into this category. It's the other 80% of the state.

To end on a more positive note, though, everyone should watch the First Presidency Christmas message this Sunday! It is one of my favorite events of the Christmas season but I sometimes forget in the midst of the crazy school stuff this time of year, so this is a reminder to me, mostly.

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